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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kung Fu Hiphop 2 2010 DVDRip


This movie is a continuation of 'Kung Fu Hip Hop' style and elements, it will be directed by Liu Bao Xian and Kang Ting with photographer Ren’s guide. Chen Jia Ren is the dance instructor and Berlin Chen, Michael Tse and Korea b-boy crew will also take part in it. 'Kung Fu Hip Hop 2' will aim at current teenage trends, the story focus on the crew team 'Encore' that is leaded by Le Tian and in between there will be lots of love and hating happening, parting and together stories, exposing confidential news and the love story between Le Tian and Mian Mian. This movie will express the current love point ofview.




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