Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gossip Girl Season 4 HDTV 2010

Season four begins with a Serena and Blair enjoying summer in Paris...until Chuck shows up with a new girlfriend. Blair will either have a change of heart or spend her time trying to rule Columbia University. Stephanie Savage has revealed in an interview that the Dan and Serena story is "reactivated" and sorting through it will become a bigger story. She also revealed that the third season finale "Last Tango, Then Paris" had a big impact on Jenny and she'll be a changed person when she returns. Her return later this season will be "full of drama”. It has also been revealed she will be back in the first half of the season. The Gossip Girl website will be under construction and when it returns, it will debut “never before seen technology”.

Download Link:
Episode 01 - Mediafire | Megaupload | Hotfile | Multiupload
Episode 02 - Mediafire | Megaupload | Hotfile | Multiupload
Episode 03 - Mediafire | Megaupload
Episode 04 - Mediafire | Megaupload | Hotfile
*Episode 05 - Mediafire | Megaupload | Hotfile


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