Friday, August 12, 2011

A Chinese Ghost Story (HK) (2011)BRRiP MKV

A Chinese Ghost Story (2011) (HK) BRRiP MKV | 407 MB
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Plot: Following the 1987 horror rom-com classic starring Leslie Cheung and another two movies after that, Wilson Yip directs a new version with Louis Koo and Liu Yi Fei. Yip says he aims to put his own spin on the familiar story and it isn’t a sequel, but rather a brand-new story, employing new elements such as CGI effects. Yin Chek Ha (Louis Koo) was determined to become a good Demon Hunter but one day, he made a big mistake when he broke the rules of his Demon Hunter brotherhood. After that, he hides himself in the Black Mountain village. He knows his heart is still with Black Mountain and he tries hard to kill all the demons he encounters to numb himself and forget a woman (Liu Yi Fei). After many years, history repeats itself and he realises he has left his heart with her.

Genre: Comedy | Horror
Language: Cantonese
Subtitle: English Subtitle Muxed 
Download Mediafire: Part1 | Part2 | Part3


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